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Feature suggestion

[Adrian, debian xwpe package maintainer, forwarded this message to me
since I maintain xwpe.]

>         I think a great feature to enhance wpe would be a C/C++ language
> reference, just like the one in Borland Turbo C, including language syntax
> with examples, and the standard C library, and perhaps common programming
> hints and tips on language constructs like arrays, structs, and so on,
> indispensable for newbies and handy even for seasoned programmers.

To some degree it already does.  xwpe can display the man pages for
various standard C library functions by using Topic Search while the
cursor is on the function or using the Function Index.  Unfortunately
the man pages don't cover standard C++ library or language constructs.
They also don't typically have examples.  I don't know if the man
pages will eventually cover some or all of these areas.  If not I could
perhaps throw in some way to add additional information like that but
I'm affraid I don't have the time to create the content.

Dennis Payne