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Curse of the Terminal

Since Ivan commented on the lack of development of xwpe, I decided to
look at xwpe's use of curses.  Roman Levenstein sent me a patch a long
time ago that converted xwpe to use some higher level curses functions.
The changes were very large and were combined with other changes so
I've been hesitant to apply them.

I've been playing around with it this weekend.  I have a partially
working version at the moment.  It currently doesn't always redraw
properly when run from an xterm.  Debugging under curses had to be
disabled but it doesn't work very well with the current implementation
anyway.  (Debugging works as normal under X.)  It does, however,
allow the use of the arrow keys in an xterm or telnet session.

The old curses support is still available as an option.

Dennis Payne