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Re: SIGSEGV when hitting F2

Dennis Payne wrote:
> The information in your two messages aren't too useful to me.  What I'd
> like to know is what steps you do to cause the crash?  Do you simply
> specify the file on the command line?  Or do you load it up after
> starting xwpe?  Do you do anything or just press F2?  Can you send me
> the file or at least describe the length of data (longest line and file
> length)?

Yes !!!!
I found what the bug was !
Xwpe doesn't like long directories when saving .c files !
The bug hapens weather you hit F2 or save in the file menu.

Example :
/opt/xwpe/bin/xwpe test.c 
Xwpe: unexpected signal 11, exiting ...

Error-Exit!   Code: 1!

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