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console mode xwpe

[Forwarded for "Rohan Carly" <rohan_carly@bigfoot.com> since he must be
subscribed under a different address.]

I agree with Kenn, please keep console mode xwpe alive. 90% of my xwpe use
is in console mode. Although xwpe has its shortcomings, it's still the best
editor I've come across for the kind of work I like to do.

While I'm here, I'm interested to know if other people have had trouble
using gpm to copy from one Linux VT onto another VT running xwpe. The same
problem exists when I try to copy from xwpe into a different application on
its own VT.

Rohan Carly

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> At 04:43 AM 9/13/00 +0200, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >i haven't much time last week, so i made only first steps in rewritting.
> >First, i GNUized entire package, added automake etc. I removed nearly all
> >conditional compiling code, assuming that only UNIX X11 version will be
> >functional. This was necesarry because all the code is really messy. Some
> Hey,
> Did you leave in the console version?  While I'm all for removing the DOS
> version (if any of that is left, I believe Dennis pulled that out), I
> think
> one of the great features of Xwpe is that it runs in a console window,
> which means I don't have to use vi. :)  It is something worth preserving,
> if possible.
> Your project, just my $0.02 ($0.03 with inflation).
> Kenn
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