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Minor problems with wpe

This is my first mail to this list, so first just a little background.  I 
use an Amiga 2000 with a 50 MHz 68060 accelerator, and the "unofficial" 
RedHat 5.1 m68k distribution.  Because the Amiga is not much supported, I 
get most of my Linux software as source rather than as binaries.
I've recently started using xwpe-alpha - I downloaded the latest source 
(1.5.23a) and it compiled OK.  Running under X seems to work fine; however, 
I prefer to run in text mode, because console switching is much faster on my 
old machine.  Wpe ran ok, but crashed with a signal 11 when I tried to open 
the Run menu.  I'd seen this before with 1.4.2, and found a workaround - 
namely, reduce the length of the menu labels in the Run menu to 29 
characters or less.  (I don't know why this works, but it does...I suppose 
that somewhere in the interface to the text terminal an array is 
overflowing).  I think I have version 4 of ncurses. (sorry to be so 
imprecise, but I'm writing this mail away from home.)
I also had a small problem with make.  The project I'm working on 
coincidentally also uses ncurses, and I originally set up my project files a 
little wrongly, with -lncurses added to both the compiler flags and load 
flags.  This worked OK on 1.4.2 - it gave an error message about linking not 
being attempted when I did the compile, but otherwise it was fine.  On 
1.5.23a I got the same error message, but when I tried to make the compiled 
file wpe crashed with an error 1.  I've since corrected the project files so 
that -lncurses is only specified in the load flags, and everything works 

Otherwise, wpe works fine for editing and compiling.  I like the addition of 
gpm support - it makes wpe much more usable.  I haven't really tested the 
debugging yet - the one time I tried, it totally crashed (not even an error 
exit, just a freeze).  But then I was trying to use the debugger (gdb) on a 
routine with a child process - that may be something to do with it.

Thanks for the update - I badly needed a text IDE, and xwpe/wpe looks like 
the way to go. (I can't use RHIDE - make fails looking for some .exe file, 
which suggests to me that RHIDE only really works on PCs.  Even on a PC, 
RHIDE doesn't really run properly in more than one console, and it doesn't 
(as far as I know) have an X version.)

Regards, John Connor

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