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Re: More info on Xwpe crashing

On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 11:51:02AM -0600, Roy Souther wrote:
> It is the path that my project is in.
> What is the limitation on the length of the path name?
> Is there restrictions on the path name that are a problem?
> /mnt/hard_drive_B/Progs/Libs/SiliconTaoCcLibs/examples/STAppLogging/
> ...applog.prj
> ...AppLogging.cc
> ...STAppLogging.cc

Yes, there _are_ some limitations in the length of the path name !
As I remember, the limit was 80 character at certain places. The problem
is, that it is not everywhere. When I was making the modification to the
code of the file-manager part of xwpe I did not change these limitation,
because they are hard-coded in the algorithms all over the place. At
certain places the length limit is 256 character.

So if you are under 80 character, then you are safe. :-) :-(

To modify it? Well, be carefull, lots of cross-referencing in the data
structures, and algorithms "depends" on these limitations. Sometimes you
think that nothing else uses the particular member, then it turns out, that
it broke some feature.

Sorry, I still have no time to really fix it.