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More info on Xwpe crashing

It is the path that my project is in.
What is the limitation on the length of the path name?
Is there restrictions on the path name that are a problem?
I have noticed that some times the last slash will be missing from the path to
a file on the top display of the code window.
For example if I an in "/mnt/somecode/" with the file manager and I am looking
at "/root/MyCode/myapp.cc" the title a the top of the code window will say "/root/MyCodemyapp.cc"
, it does not have a problem with this. But it is a consiren about the path not
letting my project work.
This is the path and files I am working with.

If you want I can send you the code I am woking on that keeps crashing the IDE.


Roy Souther roy@silicontao.com
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