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Xwpe debug tty's?

My question not realy an xwpe question but I am sure that xwpe users would know
how to help me.
I am running Xwpe. When I start debugging my console app it starts a tty to
show what the app is doing. When I try to initscr using ncurses the debug dies.
I can run the app no problem, I just can not debug it. Is there an option in
xwpe I can set to fix this?

I tried to debug it using wpe but I can not run wpe because the colors are all
messed up, every thing is red and black. I think the FAQ page has a fix for
that but I can not get to the FAQ because the link is broken.
I was on http://www.identicalsoftware.com/xwpe/ and could not get into the FAQ,
Roy Souther
KICQ# 1232391
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