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Re: X Selection

> I'm assuming this is just an old post that the server spat up for some
> reason and that the patch has not actually changed and that you got my
> original response.

So I'm not the only one who got it.  Weird.  From the headers it looks
like it went 21cn.com and then came back.

> It didn't work when I made a dll version

I haven't bothered to attempt to make the dll version run on all platform
precisely because I don't care for playing with autoconf.  (Very nice tool
once setup though.)

>     - add "-lxwpe-x11 -lxwpe-term $(XLIBS)" to the xwpe: target, before
> $(LIBS)
>   o ln -s $(XWPELIBDIR)/*.so $LD_RUN_PATH/*.so

These steps shouldn't be needed.  The point of the dll version is not to
link to the xwpe-x11 and xwpe-term libraries.  That way the xwpe binary
does not require X to be installed unless you use X.

Dennis Payne