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Re: X Selection

Dennis Payne wrote:
> If anyone wants to try out X selections apply the following patch and
> add "-DSELECTION" to the DEFS in the Makefile.  I don't know if I'm going
> to keep the old method around.  In particular I'd like to know if it
> solves the SCO cut and paste problems.
> Dennis Payne
> dulsi@identicalsoftware.com
> --- WeXterm.h.orig      Thu Nov 18 22:06:05 1999
> +++ WeXterm.h   Thu Dec 16 20:43:25 1999
> @@ -33,11 +33,12 @@
>   Window window;
>   GC gc;
>   XFontStruct *font;
> - Atom delete_atom, protocol_atom;
> + Atom delete_atom, protocol_atom, selection_atom, text_atom, property_atom;
>   int font_height, font_width;
>   int altmask;

I'm assuming this is just an old post that the server spat up for some reason
and that the patch has not actually changed and that you got my original

Yes, it worked splendidly for the SCO problem. However, (this is new info)
It didn't work when I made a dll version

I was able to modify the makefile enough to actually make a working
libxwpe*.so and xwpe binary that required and successfully loaded & used them)
but trying to translate that into configure.in rules made my head hurt. I
think the kinds of changes needed were exactly what aoutoconf is _for_ it's
just that I don't know how to speak autoconf.

for the record, to make the dll version on SCO, using recent gcc (2.95):
--snip from README.SCO--

  DLL compile notes: (DLL method works, but several manual steps required)
  o apply conf.patch
  o edit Makefile.in
    - change "-shared" to "-G -fPIC"
    - add "-lxwpe-x11 -lxwpe-term $(XLIBS)" to the xwpe: target, before
  o "make", then "make install" to get libs installed, (xwpe is not ready yet)
  o ln -s $(XWPELIBDIR)/*.so $LD_RUN_PATH/*.so
  o "make", then "make install" again to make xwpe using the new libs.

--end snip--

I also know what to change if using gcc before 2.95 or the native cc. perhaps
some nice person has played with autoconf before and knows how to get autoconf
to do the work of checking which compiler is use and setting the
LDFLAGS/CFLAGS appropriately?