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Re: X buffer

Dennis Payne wrote:
> > does anyone else have problems cutting & pasting between xwpe and other
> > apps?
> Should probably put this in the known bugs?  There are two selection
> methods under X windows.  One handles only simple text.  The other
> one has more functionality (although I don't remember exactly what).
> Xwpe only understands the simple text one.  Since only a few programs
> didn't paste selections there as well, I've never bothered to fix it.
> However, the new gnome terminal doesn't support the simple text version
> so this is becoming more annoying.
> Dennis Payne
> dulsi@identicalsoftware.com

hmm, this doesn't sound like what I'm seeing.
If you are talking about something that only affects the occasional odd
app, then I am definetly talking about something that affects every app
(or none, other than xwpe) in a granted, odd environment.
I mean I have not been able to get anything to paste in or out of xwpe
to any other app, and all the other apps can cut & paste to each other
this includes various kde/Qt, GTK, tcl/tk, Motif, xforms, and plain xt

xterm - stock xfree xterm
eterm - enlightenment xterm
kvt - kde's xterm
scoterm - sco's xterm
scoedit - tcl/tk editor
midnight commander's command line and internal editor, running in any of
the above xterms
knotes - kde/qt notepad
ksirc - kde/qt iorc client
zircon - tcl/tk irc client
wxftp - gtk ftp client
LyX - xforms document/layout edtitor

these all do work between each other. I can copy from any of the above
and paste it into any of the above.

 This forces me to assume that the cause lies either in xwpe, or, in my
compiling it for SCO. I do little more than run 

./configure --x-includes=<blah> --x-libraries=<blah>
make LD_RUN_PATH=<blah>

It's possible I should actually be changing something somewhere for
proper operation in my environment. Although... X should be X. I've
worked out how to compile xwpe such that it links against and then later
loads at run-tim, explicitly either the SCO-supplied X libraries, or the
Xfree86 libraries. I tried both ways, on each of 1.4.2 &
1.5.17a-1.5.21a. I verified with ldd what libs the executables load, and
xwpe runs identically wether it's loading SCO X or Xfree libs, under a
running SCO X server or Xfree's SVGA server, as it should be. 
(note: everything is flaky as hell and crashes or refuses to even start,
if I link it against one set of libs and then load another at run-time,
including xwpe, this is not anything I would expect to work anyway and
is not what I'm talking about. for the record.)

fwiw: I don't recall having this problem on Linux, but I haven't used my
linux box in months, so untill I go home and check it out I hesitate to

Just some more data to refer to when trying to think up possible
culprits for the phenomenon.