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man pages in xwpe on SCO

two questions about the man-page reader in xwpe:

I'm trying to get xwpe to find the man pages better on SCO without
breaking use on other systems
SCO has man pages in /usr/local/man/man.1 .2 .3 .n etc... instead of
man1 man2 man3 mann etc...
and SCO has many pages compressed with .Z as well as .gz

How would you modify the following pieces of we_fl_unix.c ?
line 3548:
    sprintf(sustr, "%s/man%s/*", subpath, man);

if I change this line to look like this:
    sprintf(sustr, "%s/man.%s/*", subpath, man);

then that copy of xwpe will 'see' all the man pages in the man
directories when you select Help-->Function Index
also, unless you do that, Help-->Topic Search will crash and coredump
xwpe, whereas with it, it it doesn't work, but
it doesn't crash either, just nothing happens other than the help menu
going away. How could you change that function so that
it finds both man3 and man.3 ? actually, a lot of sco installations
probably have both man.3 and man3, because the system
starts out with a man.3 directory, and then most Makefiles for gnu
software will create a man3 (or whatever number)if it's not present

also in we_fl_unix.c
line 3560:
      if((k > 2) && (strcmp(df->name[j] + k - 2, ".gz") == 0))

How to add one of these that checks for ".Z" also ?

actually, on SCO, the 'real' main system man pages are only in html, all
the aftermarket stuff comes with normal man pages that get put into the
...man.* and/or man* directories, but the real system man pages are in
html, served by a special http server, and viewed either in a special
tcl/tk viewer, or if your at a text screen the http server generates a
text version for man to display on the fly. getting *those* to display
in xwpe is a whole nuther matter, but the above couple things seem like
they should be simple enough.