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Check Header bug

While looking throught the source of xwpe I noticed the code to check
if any header file used by the source code had changed had a bug in it.
It would recognize the following as not including the header file

/*#include <foo.h>*/

but not

#include <foo.h>

(Or at least I think it does that from the source.  Haven't actually

I didn't feel like figuring a fix so I moved on.  Accidentally I hit
F7 later on.  Xwpe froze.  After attaching strace to it I found that it
was continually reading in header files.  It doesn't check for "ifndef"
protection so recursive includes crash xwpe.  No fix available yet.

I do have a fix for the delete redo bug.  I plan on putting out a new
release of xwpe in a day or two so you'll have to wait 'til then.

Also I'll be heading off to the Atlanta Linux Showcase next week.  I
don't know if I'll have a chance to check email.

Dennis Payne