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Re: xwpe bugs: 1 esc key, 2 focus, 3 disk full, 4 replace

> 1. The first is the behaviour of the Esc key. It seems whenever only one
> Esc is required in the X version, 3 presses are required in the console
> version.

Should add that to the known list of bugs.  It's been pointed out before
just never got around to looking into it.

> 2. If you start the editor (the File Manager pops up), press Esc 3 times to
> close the window, then Alt+F, Enter to open the File Manager, then the focus
> remains on the menu and not on File Manager until you Press Esc another 3
> times.
> 3. If you save a file when your disk is full, you get no error messages and
> instead an empty file overwrites the file you are working on!
> 4. If you place a string like "hello" into a file and do a Search/Replace on
> "hello" and replace it with "&hello" and click "Change All" with "Prompt on
> Replace" off then the algorithm gets stuck in an infinite loop. You can see
> what's happening if you do the replace if you switch "Prompt on Replace" on.

The rest are new to me.

> Lastly if it's taking work to maintain we and xwe (the non-programming
> varieties of xwpe) then it might be worth finding out if anyone actually
> uses these. Perhaps they could be retired?

I use we and xwe.  For example this email is composed in it.  It actually
doesn't take much to maintain them as well since the editor code needs
to be kept up anyway.  Very little code is we/xwe specific.

Dennis Payne