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Re: ctrl+del -> alt+BKSP = Xwpe: unexpected signal 11, exiting ...

> I've noticed something odd when deleting a line, and then trying undo.
> to reproduce it, I can do this:
> -open text file
> -position cursor to beginning of line
> -hold shift key down, and arrow-down 1 line
> -ctrl+del
> -alt+backspace
> ..and
> Xwpe: unexpected signal 11, exiting ...
> Error-Exit!   Code: 1!
> Is this a known bug? Is there a patch? Any thoughts where to look
> in the code to fix it?

First I've heard of it.  No patch available at this time.  What is
probably happening is that it is putting an incorrect entry into the
undo list.  You could check what e_add_undo (in we_edit.c) get called
with.  Unfortunately I don't think there is any documentation on the

Dennis Payne