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Xwpe 1.5.18a

Another release of xwpe commeth.  Here is the CHANGELOG entry.

* Pedro's fix for Option->Editor bug
* Checks file system for the ability to do autosave/emergency save files.
* Supports multiple extensions per language syntax.
* More of Pedro's file-manager massage.
* Added Alexander's change case dialog.
* Hopefully fixed all AIX and OSF compile problems.

Notice the multiple extensions per language syntax.  The new default
syntax_def file supports .C .cc .cpp .cxx as C++.  However, unlike older
versions if there is a syntax_def no default languages are loaded.  (It
used to load C and C++ if a syntax_def existed and didn't define them.)
See the sample syntax_def for how to define multiple extensions for one
syntax.  (No documention updated on syntax_def format.)

Also Fortran90 syntax has been added to the additional syntaxes page.

Another bug that I discovered after looking into a debugging problem
is that when debugging starts xwpe stops in "main".  This isn't correct
for non-C languages.

I was looking at how to fix the `gtk-config ...` problem.  I noticed
that argument parsing goes through e_make_arg in we_prog.c so in theory
the ` parsing could be done in there.  Of course the devil is in the
details.  At this time no fix is implemented.

Dennis Payne