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Re: Expected behaviour of "replace" ?

On Fri, 23 Apr 1999, Rohan Carly wrote:

> Would you be able to implement a SHIFT+TAB feature to go through the
> fields backwards?  That would be really helpful.

There is only one problem. The SHIFT+TAB detection in we_term.c and
we_xterm.c is not solved. Well, it is not totally true, but it is solved
in we_term.c only for Linux and nothing else.

So, I can fix it for the XWindow version under all platform (I tried it
and works) and for the terminal version under Linux. In the case of the
terminal version, the problem is, that I do not know how can I detect the
SHIFT state. For Linux an ioctl function is used in function
WpeLinuxBioskey, but I suspect under another Unix it may not work.

Any general solution for the SHIFT state in a terminal? Please let me