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Xwpe and RedHat

I've created new RPMs of xwpe for glibc.  I've finally split it into an
xwpe rpm and an xwpe-X11 rpm.  I've taken the latest spec file from
RedHat and updated it for 1.5.15a (it is included in the .tar.gz file).
It has multiple language descriptions which are not supported by the
rpm version in RedHat 4.2 so there will be no libc5 rpm.  (Besides one
of these days I'm going to upgrade my 4.2 system.)

I also emailed Jeff Johnson of RedHat since the french descriptions
didn't have a translation for xwpe-X11.  He informed me that xwpe will
be moving off the "official" RedHat distribution and onto the PowerTools
CD.  This is because of the increased tech support that they are

Dennis Payne