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Automation Test

Well my automation test had a couple of bugs.  Unfortunately an old 
version of xwpe was sent to metalab.  As soon as it is deleted I'll
upload the correct version.  The web site does have the correct

Here is the full changelog entry:
* Changed xwpe to compile X11 and term code into shared libraries.  However
the configure script has yet to be changed to build it.
* Fixed a leaky file descriptor and memory bug in we_debug.c code.
* Added Brian's patch for inserting selected text into search and replace
* Incorporated Roman's goto cursor and finish function debugger features.
(Only gdb support.)

BTW a patch file to build the shared library version is included.  In
order to find the libraries you must do "make install" before trying
to run it.  It should work up linux but I don't know about anything else.
(My guess is it will work under solaris,irix, and the latest aix if the
gnuc compiler is used.)

Dennis Payne