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Re: XWPE and KDE problems...after upgrade :(

> Using version 1.5-12 when it starts, some of the colors are off, all the
> buttons appear in the right spot, but its definately unusable.  I tried
> turning off the default color/shape properties for non-KDE program but I
> still get the same thing.
> Any ideas?  I'd hate having to go to another IDE.

Does KDE use .Xdefault resources?  That's my first guess but since it
uses QT I don't think they use the X resources.  Are only the colors
the problem?  Using '-pcmap' might be a work around for that problem.

I really don't know how KDE could screw things up.  All I can think
of is that they are setting "*font" and "*color1"..."*color16" in the
X resources but I don't know why they would.

(Oh the -pcmap is new to 1.5.14a so you'll need to grab that to test

Dennis Payne