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Re: Writing xwpe Documentation

Evening Matt,
   I took a swipe at cleaning up the man page a little. A new job with
lots of little "emergencies" put the kabosh on any further progress for
the time being. 

   One of the things I considered was a HTML manual and/or tutorial. In
my opinion an example of how to do a thing can cover pages of text. Kind
of a "picture is worth a thousand words" type of thing. Perhaps a simple
example program to run through some of the features of XWPE could be

   To help out Dennis, Ken and all the other contributers I also looked
into making a hyperlinked web page of the source code, see:

One other thing I checked into was CVS...however it looks like it could
be rather painful. Then theres the question of whether or not Dennis
would even want it. 

As you can see my definition of Documentation is rather broad but covers
the Maintainer, Contributers, and the end user. After all the Y2K issues
have been resolved at work I'll be able to give more time to XWPE. This
could take a while..heh. See ya then!

MMorgan@DTIC.MIL wrote:
> Good afternoon all.
> I inquired recently about documentation for xwpe, and I received no
> responses.  As such, I am assuming that no one is presently working on
> documentation for it.
> Are there any requests for specific topic coverage?  If I get no
> responses, I don't want any gripes that someone wanted this or that and
> I did not come through...  So, if you want something special, tell me.
> I am considering starting with a quick reference guide...