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Writing xwpe Documentation

Good afternoon all.

I inquired recently about documentation for xwpe, and I received no
responses.  As such, I am assuming that no one is presently working on
documentation for it.

Are there any requests for specific topic coverage?  If I get no
responses, I don't want any gripes that someone wanted this or that and
I did not come through...  So, if you want something special, tell me.

I am considering starting with a quick reference guide...

Special note to Dennis Payne -- I am using xwpe in a mixed environment,
with Solaris 2.6 and Solaris 7.0 (Solaris 7.0 is temporary for us,
though, as I have to downgrade to 2.6 soon).  We have Sparc 5's, 10's,
20's, an Ultra 1 (I think), an Ultra 2, and an Ultra 10 to beat on.  If
you need specific testing done for Sparc/Solaris, let me know.  I saw
the message for testing last week, and was not able to download the
version due to a crisis here...  (Story of my life)

I will wait for a few days before I start writing, I want all the inputs
anyone has to offer -- but I don't want to wait so long for stuff that I
never get rolling.

Matt		mmorgan@dtic.mil