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Re: Xwpe: Saving The World

On Sun, 6 Dec 1998, Dennis Payne wrote:

> James, the xwpe mailing list doesn't accept messages from non members so
> it didn't go through.

I thought about that, so I subscribed yesterday :)

> James Curbo wrote:
> >I'm having problems with xwpe crashing. When I pick Run to compile
> >something, it always crashes. It goes into its auto save routine too but
> >it gets recursive..
> The emergency save is called whenever a seg fault occurs.  Unfortunately
> if one occurs in the emergency save then you get an infinite recursion
> problem.  (I've been meaning to fix that.)
> However that doesn't explain why it is crashing to begin with.  I didn't
> see anything that would help in the strace.   Does it happen even when
> running a really simple program ('Hello world' style)?

I tried it on several little C++ programs I have laying around, simplistic
homework assignments, but first versions that have errors. Some of them it
would crash on and some it wouldn't. There didn't seem to be a common
reason either.

> Could you try commenting out the line:
>  sigaction(SIGSEGV, &act, NULL);
> in we_unix.c, recompile, and crash it.  That should generate a core file.
> 'gdb wpe core' will load the core dump.  Type 'where' which should
> give you the stack and then send that to the xwpe mailing list.

I did so, but crashing it won't give me a core file. Ulimit's set ok and
everything. (I usually have ulimit -c 0) It does do the same recursive
thing though.. I commented out line 93 of we_unix.c, which is the one
above. It still gives me:

Error-Exit!   Code: 11!
Try to save Messages.ESV!
Try to save grades.cc.ESV!
File grades.cc.ESV saved!

etc. etc.

> (Hmm... should add a --debug option or something that disables the
> signal handling so that this is easier to do.)

So what do I do now? Any ideas? I hate to have it crashing on me like
this. I went and researched other IDE's for Linux and I always turn back
to xwpe. The only other one I liked (this is console btw, not for X) is
rhide, but it doesn't let you switch between VC's. Bleh.

> Dennis Payne
> payned@rpi.edu

James Curbo            computer science/math undergradute
Henderson State University Department of Computer Science
jc108788@cyprus.hsu.edu      james@mousehole.sandwich.net