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Xwpe: Saving The World

James, the xwpe mailing list doesn't accept messages from non members so
it didn't go through.

James Curbo wrote:
>I'm having problems with xwpe crashing. When I pick Run to compile
>something, it always crashes. It goes into its auto save routine too but
>it gets recursive..

The emergency save is called whenever a seg fault occurs.  Unfortunately
if one occurs in the emergency save then you get an infinite recursion
problem.  (I've been meaning to fix that.)

However that doesn't explain why it is crashing to begin with.  I didn't
see anything that would help in the strace.   Does it happen even when
running a really simple program ('Hello world' style)?

Could you try commenting out the line:
 sigaction(SIGSEGV, &act, NULL);
in we_unix.c, recompile, and crash it.  That should generate a core file.
'gdb wpe core' will load the core dump.  Type 'where' which should
give you the stack and then send that to the xwpe mailing list.

(Hmm... should add a --debug option or something that disables the
signal handling so that this is easier to do.)

Dennis Payne