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Re: New WXPE user...

Note Before Answers:  I will likely once again be neglecting xwpe for
the next month or two.  If I can complete a sufficient portion of a game
I've been working on I will be entering the Independent Games Festival.

And now we return you to our regularly scheduled program already in

> 1) Could someone point me to a mailing list for C++ programming with
> linux.

Don't know of one.

> 2) It compiles fine and runs fine.  However, when I set a 'Make Watch'
> and select 'I' it gives me:
> I: No symbol in current context
> 3) When doing a 'Trace' or 'Step' the BASH window comes up but then does
> a box saying: Error: No source Code found.  After that comes a box
> saying: Can't find file ../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c  I assume here that
> I am missing a library file? correct?

I didn't get either of these errors.  Although it did complain when I
told it to trace into the cout statement.  What version of xwpe are you
using?  What are the compiler options on Options->Compiler->C++ ?
What distribution are you using?

> 4) I see in the screen shots that it has color coding simmilat to TurboC
> and borland C++ for DOS.  How do I turn on the color coding in the
> editor?

syntax highlighting is always on.  But the default C++ highlighting only
occurs on ".C" files not ".cpp", ".cc", etc. even if the C++ compiler
options are changed.  See FAQ: Why doesn't syntax highlighting work?
(The colors won't be the same as borland but you can adjust that or I can
send you the borland style one I use.)

> 5) Occasionally I get a "Broken Pipe" or "Unexpected Signal 11" where
> the program quits.  Can anyone explain the nature of these 2
> errors/messages and what I can do to aviod them.

Broken pipe probably has to do with debugging not being shutdown before
exiting.  If you quit debugging you probably won't get this but xwpe
is supposed to do that automatically.  This shouldn't cause any problems
but is a bug.  The signal 11 is more serious.  This means xwpe is trying
to access memory it doesn't have permission for.  I don't know why this
would occur.  I don't do a lot of debugging in xwpe and likely something
is screwed up in there.

Dennis Payne