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New WXPE user...

At school all of the programming classes are C++ based using Linux
systems.  After checking out XWPE, I REALLY like it. It has a lot of
nice features and a pretty decent debugging functions. Plus, it fits on
my allocated disk space at school so I can use it.  After setting up
XWPE on my account at school, it works flawlessly.  However, on my linux
box at home, problems.  Could anyone point me in the right dirrection
with these issures? thanks...the documentation and FAQ are a little on
the lean side :(

1) Could someone point me to a mailing list for C++ programming with

Here is the sample code I'm working with:

#include <iostream.h>
main ()
int I;
for ( I = 0; I < 21; I++)
 cout << I << endl;

2) It compiles fine and runs fine.  However, when I set a 'Make Watch'
and select 'I' it gives me:
I: No symbol in current context

3) When doing a 'Trace' or 'Step' the BASH window comes up but then does
a box saying: Error: No source Code found.  After that comes a box
saying: Can't find file ../sysdeps/generic/strcmp.c  I assume here that
I am missing a library file? correct?

4) I see in the screen shots that it has color coding simmilat to TurboC
and borland C++ for DOS.  How do I turn on the color coding in the

5) Occasionally I get a "Broken Pipe" or "Unexpected Signal 11" where
the program quits.  Can anyone explain the nature of these 2
errors/messages and what I can do to aviod them.

Thaks, I appreciate your help.

jon shoberg
south bend, in