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Re: Core dumping and copying

Alex Neundorf has been insisting on a bug that I couldn't reproduce.
Thanks to his persistance I have continued to test his suggestions and
have managed to reproduce the bug.

Every window stores it's own value of the maxcolums option upon creation
(in f->b->mx.x).  This is done so that if the user changes the value the
program doesn't have to recheck every file for lines too long.
(I always changed the maxcolums value after opening a window which is why
I couldn't reproduce the problem.)  Unfortunately the clipboard is created
at start and has the original value of maxcolums (120 by default).  If you
copy or cut from a window with a larger maxcolums checking isn't done
properly.  So it copies a line longer than the maxcolums size of the

I don't have a fix yet just thought I'd inform the list.

(Thanks again Alex.  I hate having bugs in programs.)

Dennis Payne