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Re: New Features, More Bugs

>> 3.) [Pre loaded drop down file search patterns]
>I'm not so sure of the usefulness of this.  I have thought it might be
>nice to remember search patterns the user has used in past sessions
>but I'm not sure about a static list.  (I don't actually use the
>drop down menues so maybe I not a good judge of this.  Any other

I'm not so sure of the usefullness either...  But then again I'm developing
a habit of saying that on this email list.  :)

To be honest, a static list doesn't seem that useful, especially if you can
alter the default.  The number of keystrokes (or mouse clicks) involving in
getting to *.pas (or something equally obscure, for example only) on the
drop down would be much more time consuming then just typing the characters.


Kenn Flynn -- flynnk@rpi.edu -- http://www.rpi.edu/~flynnk