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Re: New Features, More Bugs

> 1.) [Xterm command as #define]
Good idea.  I have xterm as a link to color_xterm so it didn't occur to
me that people might want color xterms.

> 2.) [Initial file manager search pattern specified at compile time]
I have thought of adding this but hadn't gotten around to it.  (I do
more work in C++ than C so I'm not sure I like your default so I may
change it.)

> 3.) [Pre loaded drop down file search patterns]
I'm not so sure of the usefulness of this.  I have thought it might be
nice to remember search patterns the user has used in past sessions
but I'm not sure about a static list.  (I don't actually use the
drop down menues so maybe I not a good judge of this.  Any other

> 2.) [Project install and variables bugs]
Thanks.  Fix will be applied.

> 	The regex patch on the ftp site seems to work fine on my system with
> the new versions (6a and 7a).
That's good.  I'd hate to break it accidentally.

> '^.*\.C$|^.*\.cpp$|^.*\.cc$|^.*\.cxx$|^.*\.h$|^.*\.hpp$|^.*\.hxx$'
Hmm.  It isn't really helped much by having regular expressions.

(Well I have work I should be doing.)

Dennis Payne