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Re: Xwpe 1.5.6a

> Hmm, well, maybe I can help out by giving it a whirl, since I'm the one 
> who want's it :)
(Actually I want to have it as well.)

> If it doesn't apply, and it's more involved than just having to manually
> find the new context, chances aren't good I'll be able to port it.
One of the reasons I haven't integrated it is because the lastest patch
doesn't seem to be right.  Some of Sebastiano Suraci's changes seem to
cause memory leaks or serve no purpose at all.  (I emailed him some of
my concerns but have received no response.)  More than likely it will
involve more than simply adding #ifdefs.

> isn't gpm available on other systems?
I think it is available for FreeBSD.

One minor note to 1.5.6a:
The bug "Clicking on an empty xwpe kills it." should read "Clicking on an
empty watch window kills xwpe."

Dennis Payne