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Remove bug--and a new one

Remove bug--I've detected a pattern. I have two linux partitions,
/dev/hda4 for the standard install tree and /dev/hda6 for my personal
stuff. If I remove a file on the second partition I get the bug, If I
remove a file on the first (root) partition (where my user dir is) it
DOES get moved to the wastebasket, however I still get the "wait" mouse
cursor till I shut down xwpe.

Alt-F2-F3 bug--Rather strange, F2 and F3 don't work in conjuction with
the alt key. This happens if I have either "old-style" or "cua-style" in
the Options Menu-->Editor selected. The F2 and F3 keys work by
themselves and the other Alt-<key> combinations work in either style. I
can click the Alt-F2 or Alt-F3 buttons at the bottom of xwpe and they
will work.
                                                          James M.
                                                          aka "Dart"