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Endangered Races: Quasta Web Enhancement - Basic

Not everyone likes the d20 games due to their complexity. Thankfully numerous people have taken the system reference documents and created retro-clones of the older games. Presented here is the quasta class for the Labyrinth Lord game. For additional information and a picture of the quasta please check out Endangered Races: Quasta available from rpgnow.com and drivethrurpg.com.


Requirements: CHA 9
Prime Requisites: CHA
Hit Dice: 1d4
Maximum Level: 9

The quasta spend little time practicing with physical combat. They are not trained in the use of armor or shields. Only small weapons such as a dagger can managed in their feet. Quasta fly at a speed of 90' but can only reach an altitude of 5'. The multiple floating eyes make them very difficult to surprise (1 on 1d6). The quasta can see in the dark up to 60 feet with infravision. Additionally the quasta can spend an eye to scout ahead. Only one eye can be sent out ahead. The eye has only 2 hps which are subtracted from the quasta while the eye is away. The quasta attacks as a magic-user of equal level. A quasta speaks common, quasta and his alignment language. The quasta have additionally mastered the languages of the dwarves, gnomes, and dragons.

Spells: Quasta cast the same spells as magic-users but not in the same way. They do not memorize spells or use spellbooks. A quasta's magic comes to them naturally but is more limited than a magic-users. They know only a few spells and cannot learn more. When the quasta casts a spell he uses up one of his spells per day but can choose to cast any known spell of that level or lower. So a 4th level quasta who knows Invisibility, Magic Missile, Shield, and Ventriloquism could cast any of those spells with his 2nd level spell for the day. For his two 1st level spells, he could cast any of the spells except Invisibility.

Level 2: Upon reaching second level, quasta gain the innate ability to see magic. To do this they must stop and concentrate. While concentrating they may see a glow around any enchanted object or creature within 60'.

Level 7: At 7th level the quasta gains the ability to make a gaze attack. It cannot be interrupted like casting a spell and lasts until the quasta's initiative on the following round. Anyone within 50' that looks at the quasta must succeed in a saving throw versus spells or be subjected to the gaze effect. Once used that gaze power may not be used on the following round. Any creature that engages the quasta while shielding its eyes suffers a penalty of -4, and the quasta receives a +2 bonus to hit. A creature may gaze at the quasta through a mirror to avoid the gaze attack.

Reaching 9th level: A 9th level quasta can build a stronghold. Usually this will be underground or on a cliffside. His renown will attract 1d6 quasta students of level 1. If the stronghold is built in a quasta community, the quasta will be invited to join the council of elders.

Quasta Level Progression
ExperienceLevelHit Dice (1d4)

LevelSpells Per DayGazes Per

LevelSpells KnownGazes

Quasta Saving Throws

Gaze Powers

Cause Serious Wounds

Victims that fail the save versus spells take 2d6+2 hit points of damage.

Duration: 12 rounds

Victims that fail the save versus spells become confused. Roll on the following table when the subject is capable of performing an action.

Roll 1d10Behavior
1-4Attack friends and allies.
5-6Do nothing but babble incoherently.
7-10Attack opponent's group.

If the confused character cannot perform the indicated action, he does nothing but babble incoherently.

Duration: 4d4 rounds

A magical slumber falls over those with 4+1 Hit Dice or fewer and who fail the save versus spells. Sleeping creatures are helpless and can be killed

instantly with a blade weapon. Slapping or wounding awakens an affected creature, but normal noise does not. Sleep does not affect undead creatures.


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