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Endangered Races: Quasta

Endangered Races: Quasta

A bird like creature floats towards you. A single eye dominates the body the aberration. Numerous other eyeballs dance in the air above the body. She introduces herself as Ai-Ai-Lee. She has heard of your quest to discover the cause of blight affecting your hometown. Her people also suffer from failed crops. She wishes to join your search.

After the introduction of the GSL and the ending of the d20 system license various products became unavailable. Other material while still available is left abandoned with the original company gone or simply focused on other material. Endangered Races takes open game content and expands upon the original creation. The first in the series is the Quasta. Originally designed for a high technology setting, some modifications are needed to place the race in more traditional fantasy setting.

Included is a full description of the race usable for a fantasy setting, several feats, and racial substitution levels for barbarian and sorcerer. Some legends are provided which could serve as a starting point for adventures. For those interested in more usual settings, there are notes for using quasta in a fantasy space setting and a world with steam and clockwork mechs. Instead of being related to the eye beast not included in the system reference documents, the quasta's background is tied to the evil eye. The complete stats for the evil eye is provided so that no other source is needed. The original technology driven quasta is included as well.

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#1 - Ben, Thursday, January 20, 2011, 23:10:

Any chance you'll make more PDFs for this series, or is this request coming too little too late?

#2 - Dennis, Sunday, May 08, 2011, 19:29:

How did I not notice this for so long? Yes I have two more in the works. Unfortunately life has been too busy.

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