Bt Builder vs. BTCS

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Some implementation of the Bard's Tale Construction Set functionality in Bt Builder is not exactly the same as the original. Most changes have been made to conform with the earlier Bard's Tale games.

Character Creation

The BTCS does not list the starting hit point range for characters. Currently Bt Builder uses 15 to 28 plus 1 for each point of constitution above 14. If someone knows the correct range or creates a BTCS character that is not in this range, please send me an email.

The first question is what gender you wish to be like BT3 which is followed by race selection. After select a race in BTCS, ability scores are determined and shown until a key is pressed. It then lists the available classes with the abilities possibly scrolling offscreen. The previous Bard's Tale games would list the ability scores and available classes on a single screen. Bt Builder uses the older display.

Adventurer's Guild

When listing characters to add a member to the party or delete, BTCS displays a list of nine characters and "(More)" if there are more characters. The older games displayed scrolling a list of characters allowing the player to scroll up and down. Bt Builder has decided to conform to the older games. Unfortunately BTCS also puts the saved parties at the end of the roster which requires scrolling through the entire list. Bt Builder displays parties at the top of the roster.


BTCS displays a list of items available with numbers one to nine. After you select an item by pressing it's number, it displays the price and allow you to accept or decline. The older Bard's Tale games displayed the list of item with price. Since they allowed more than nine items in the shop they allow you to scroll up and down the list to select one. Bt Builder mimics the older Bard's Tale games. Similar change has been made to the selling interface.

By default the shop has the first nine items in it in unlimited numbers. This can be customized for games built with Bt Builder. The shop does keep anything sold to it just like the older Bard's Tale games.


BTCS does not allow you to choose what monsters to attack with melee attack. Instead it is randomly determined based on what monsters are within range. Previous Bard's Tales allowed you to choose who to attack. Our implementation is like the older games with the exception that it will randomly find an opponent if the group you specified has been killed.

Hiding in shadows works like it does in BT3. Every time you succeed you can attack opponents 10' further than the last time. If you attack, you have a chance to critically hit.

Using Items

BTCS allows you to only use equipped items. To deal with running out of ammo, you can go to the character status screeens in a combat and equip new items if needed. Effectively this means you can use an item with only the minor hinderance that you may have to temporary unequip some item for a round. Some previous Bard's Tale games have allowed you to use uneqipped items while others do not. At the moment Bt Builder currently requires items to be equipped except for arrows and thrown weapons. This may be extended to miscellaneous item.

In BTCS you use a bow and the equipped arrows are automatically decremented and damage calculated. Bt Builder has you select the arrows you want to use instead of using the bow. Arrows are not required to be equipped to prevent the need to go to the status screen during combat.


Icons have been added to main screen. They are not currently animated. The light spell creates a flame. Trap destruction creates an eye. The compass spell shows the direction your party is facing.