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April 7, 2022: Bt Builder 0.5.19 released. Allow bows to use bow damage instead of arrow damage. Add transparency support to monster images.

January 26, 2020: Bt Builder 0.5.18 released. Fix saving throws for monsters. Add better support for pocketchip mode. Allow black text to be changed to a different color. Add some more commands to specials. Add names to flags. Allow flags to be permanently saved. Add decorations to specials.

May 30, 2018: Bt Builder 0.5.17 released. Save bonus spells now work on monsters. Damage spell can now adjust the save difficulty. Higher is harder to save against and the default is twenty. Durations can now be use defined. Monsters in the party but now in the guild are saved in the save file.

Febuary 10, 2018: Bt Builder 0.5.16 released. Added more artwork. Development modules hidden properly. Tilda works on pocketchip. Beginnings of good possession.

July 13, 2017: Bt Builder 0.5.15 released. Added more artwork. Fixed is effect active conditional. Add the ability to display icons in the character status.

November 11, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.14 released. Fixed windows build to have a working map editor. Added support for equipping multiple items of one type. For example, you could allow two rings to be equipped at once. The default games do not currently make use of this feature.

October 19, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.13 released. Modify the map editor to display street names. Make the text area only popup when needed. Support a PocketCHIP display mode. Move item types to a file. Allow you to specify that some types can be used without being equipped. Make displaying charges configurable. Make to hit bonus of weapons only apply when using that weapon. Allow you to select what skill to advance.

September 21, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.12 released. Do not reload combat image if it hasn't changed. Fix left shift key. Modify how the label under the image is done. There is no effect from this change except for modifying the xml config files. Eventually more than a single label area will be supported. This will allow for a nicer map editor. Changes in build to better support Fedora.

August 20, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.11 released. Switched windows back to SDL1 for the time being. Implemented Scry Sight as found in original Bard's Tale games. Right now it doesn't work as expected for a tower. Some small changed to the Sample 2 game. Some new images. A bunch of changes to make pocketchip support better.

July 12, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.9 released. PocketCHIP fix. Street names can be added but are not visible in the editor. 'b' clears a street name from the current square. 'n' allows you to select the street name or create a new one. 'm' sets the current square to the last used street name. When the game finds street names it prints "You are on >streetname< facing >direction<." when you press '?'. New images have been added. The die roll for encounters can be adjusted. This allows you to have a chance for encounters of less thant 1 percent. Upgraded to SDL2.

April 14, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.8 released. Allow you to select continuous and indefinite for duration of spells. Added some spells to sample 2 game. Fix monster spell casters to target the player and not crash the game. Fix regenerate skill spell. Introduce a new picture search functionality.

January 13, 2016: Bt Builder 0.5.7 released. Some new animations added. Added the ability to create a new map through the editor.

December 24, 2015: Bt Builder 0.5.6 released. Golem and dwarf/normad image animated. Added special command to select a PC. Added special conditionals to see if a PC is selected, if selected PC passes a skill check and if everyone passes a skill check. Added unlimited use option to regen skill effect. Added delay option to regen mana. Fix the check class special. Added continuous effect items. To use them set the # of uses to 256. You probably want to make the source of the spell to be item instead of magic so that antimagic fields don't end the effect. Fixed bug that allowed dead monsters to attack. Modified Builder City 2 game to have mage staff and bardsword. Removed btbuilder only map from Builder City game so that it can run in BTCS.

August 7, 2015: Bt Builder 0.5.5 released. Fixed saving of damage bonus effects. Allow the flags on specials to be set. Added detect special effect. Special flags are defined in xml file. Silence, anti-magic, darkness, anti-teleport, and trap have special effects and must remain in that order as the first entries. Specials with trap flag are only activated once. Afterward the map square is cleared until you leave the level.

July 20, 2015: Bt Builder 0.5.4 released. Fixed charges check when trying to use an item in combat. Added and modified some images. Added melee damage bonus spell.

May 31, 2015: Bt Builder 0.5.3 released. Added the ability to output tags on status screen. Disabled auto screen multiplier. It will still up the graphics to 640x400 but a user with three monitors found the auto multiplier produced bad results. It can still be manually set from the command line. Removed the old utilities. Moved SDL_mng into a separate library.

May 1, 2015: Bt Builder 0.5.2 released. Do not allow teleport in combat. Display zero for value of teleports initially. Restore proper graphics after selecting a teleport location in map editor. Added party passes skill check, party has tag, add tag, remove tag, and run xml special commands. Add the ability to specify actions in the building xml files. Add cut/copy/paste to the special editor. Support exclamation point as a not operator for effect tags.

Apr 16, 2015: Bt Builder 0.5.1 released. Save and attack rate bonus spells support not stacking bonuses. Caster only area effect added. Add tags to monsters and allow attack spells to only effect some types. Add line wrapping to specials and remember previous values when editing an existing command. Map editor has a coordinate system on the screen (max of 99 displayed). Add some sounds for the play sound special. Allow selecting a map location from through the user interface.

Sep 29, 2014: Bt Builder 0.5.0 released. Armor and hit bonus spells support not stacking bonuses. Fixed crash when pressing 1 on inventory screen without any items. Fixed crash when you delete a person from the roster who is in your party and then remove them from your party. Fixed crash when you save a party with an existing name and have to pick a new name. Save spell effects properly so that characters restored from a save file have the right stats. (Previous save files will not be corrected.) Add monsters to the roster when removed from the party.

Jul 21, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.7 released. Modified spells to support multiple effects. Spell editor had to be redesigned. City tiles have been updated.

Jun 17, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.6 released. Fixed a crash bug when finding traps and trying to cast spells with a non-caster. Shield icon is only displayed for party effects. It still displays for armor class penalty spells that affect everyone.

May 9, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.5 released. Added copy functionality to monsters, items and spells. Some more images were added. Monsters and spells are sorted when selecting one to edit. Unfortunately when you need to select one for some other reason like summon monster, sorting is not applied yet. Trade gold implemented. Monster names displayed when casting a spell on them. You can now save a game. You will be asked to if you want to restore when you load the module. Currently "clear special" and "set special" effects are not saved. Music is not restored but the effect of the bard song is.

Apr 14, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.4 released. More images from added. Allow the user to select a map file by name on teleport special commands or type in a new file name if the file doesn't currently exist. Replace goto line number with goto and labels. Old files are automatically upgraded. Pressing 'c' when select a special will make a copy and bring up the editor for the copy.

Mar 24, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.3 released. All functionality found in Bard's Tale Construction Set now available. Most images have been removed from the release due a license conflict. Some images from have been added. Editing a picture for a monster or a draw picture special command now displays the image. The old images are available for download if you wish to continue using them.

Mar 6, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.2 released. Chance of encounters can be edited on the map preferences screen. Crashing when summoning illusions has been fixed. Archmage can no longer change class into archmage. The Builder City module has more events in it. Builder City 2 has not been updated.

Feb 14, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.1 released. Fixed a bug where a rogue would stay hidden if they were hidden at the end of a combat. Implemented altering the speed of text in combat with the '+' and '-' keys. Identify is now available at the shop. Added some validity checks to loading the walls.xml so that the user is alerted to problems with the file.

Jan 15, 2014: Bt Builder 0.4.0 released. Fixed a bug that caused the old BTCS formats to not save properly. Running is no longer automatic. Combat actions can be edited in the monster editor although it is not very user friendly.

Dec 26, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.19 released. Fixed a bug that could crash the game when using the monk. Updated the images. Reimplemented initiative to take dexterity and luck into account.

Oct 25, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.18 released. Fix a bug for displaying walls when wrapping to other side of the map. Added the ability to specify xp for monsters. Modified string editing in the special editor to support line wrapping.

Oct 23, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.17 released. Fix a bug that causes Bt Builder to crash when editing special commands on occassion. Fixed the delete key in the special editor under Windows. New main screen with information on using the editor added. Bt Builder now returns to the main screen after editing or playing a module instead of exiting. Added a levitation spell. It doesn't do anything by itself. Added new conditional "$E is active". It determines if a spell effect is active. With this conditional you can have places that allow you to levitate up.

Oct 22, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.16 released. Fix a bug that causes Bt Builder to crash when editing some monsters or creating new ones. Add the rest of the fields to the spell editor.

Oct 21, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.15 released. A primitive item and spell editor has been added. The item editor allows you to edit everything but isn't very user friendly. The spell editor is more of a work in progress.

Oct 14, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.14 released. Fixed a bug with page down on lists that are less than a full page. Bt Builder now tries to load .xml files in preference to .MAP files. If a .xml and .MAP file have the same prefix, the map editor will only display the .xml file. The map editor no longer saves a broken .MAP file if it determines that the map has features that are not supported in that format. A very primitive monster editor has been added. It doesn't allow you to edit all the fields yet.

Oct 7, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.13 released. You can now add new specials to a map. Baylor's Spell Bind is available for Bt Builder specific modules. It only works on a single creature at the moment. The effect only works when specified as a single target. Eventually it will be enhanced to work on a group. It only has an effect at Start. Run and End effects are nothing.

Apr 15, 2013: Bt Builder 0.3.12 released. A primative special editor is implemented. See the editor page for more information. Bt Builder now include a spec file for easily building an rpm for Fedora. Page up and down implemented on select lists.

Oct 29, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.11 released. Restore picture and label after a combat during a special. Fix map resizing to not leave one way walls. Explain how to use map editor in readme. Animated spell icons. Fixed some spell damage text to not end with "and". Allow a monster to not be found in random encounters. Fixed missing files from map editor list. Removed some non map files for map editor list. Implemented play sound special. Fixed animation timing. Darkness zone stops new lights but allows a flash of light unlike BTCS implementation. Added light level in map files. Support for multiple groups of monsters in random encounters. Higher resolution graphics for lots of things added.

Oct 14, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.10 released. Use 'e' on a module to load primitive map editor.

Oct 13, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.9 released. Added some 640x400 images. Added new wilderness graphics. Added a primitive map editor. The map editor only edits the walls and allows placement of specials. Creating specials can't be done at the moment. It allows resizing a map but walls at the edges are not corrected so they may be only one way. It can save the BTCS map file format if no Bt Builder only features are used.

Oct 7, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.8 released. Fixed the sample game to allow you to talk to the queen after defeating Dral. Added the ability to switch to full screen by pressing F12. Modified image loading code to support higher resolution but fallback to lower quality image if the higher resolution image is not available.

Oct 5, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.7 released. Hunter's critical hits and thief's sneak attack now only work with melee weapons. Dispell illusion and dispell magic implemented. This required heavy changes to spell expiration. Animated spell icons are in the build but they do not animate in the game yet. Lots of new wall tiles are available. Modified the sample games a bit.

Sep 28, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.6 released. Hide in shadows now critically hits. It also informs you that you succeeded or failed. Monsters and characters have gender. Character creation allows you to specify the character's gender. Added music for the safety song. Made a second demo game. The second demo is currently the same as the first except it allows 12 items per character, uses xml files for many files and has proper plural names for monsters.

Sep 25, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.5 released. Hide in shadows is partially working. It doesn't critically hit yet. The xml monster files now support a plural name instead of just adding "(s)". Various bug fixes and compile fix for new libpng. New slot images. Support for a larger number of item slots.

Sep 18, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.4 released. Rate of attacks not increased properly. Buying spell levels doesn't always work properly. XP needed didn't display when you don't have enough XP to advance. Increase monk's bare hands damage as they advance in level.

Sep 17, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.3 released. Shops can now have different inventory than the first nine items. Items sold to the shop are available for purchase. Silence zones do not allow new songs. Support for walls that are immune to phase door. Fixed quitting under windows. Clicking on the close button will also work now although it doesn't warn you about losing your progress like it does when you use 'q' to quit. Lots of new graphics.

Aug 25, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.2 released. Implemented the rest of the special attacks for monsters. Implemented item-zot. Fixed a bug in writing xml files under windows. Fixed a bug that didn't cause all the bitfield information to be written to the xml file. Fully implemented anti-magic zones. Made it possible to have walls unaffected by phase door and removed the hard-coded handling of secret doors in the binaries.

Aug 7, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.1 released. Implemented aging to weapons and monsters. Implemented point phaze. Display number of arrows and thrown weapons left. Do not consume items when charges used up except for arrows and thrown weapons. Implemented scry sight spell. Implemented question mark command. Allow output of btbuilder xml files to a standard output.

Jul 18, 2012: Bt Builder 0.3.0 released. Implemented age and youth spells. Implemented bows and thrown weapons.

Jun 28, 2012: Bt Builder 0.2.19 released. Added images beyond BTCS image numbers. Implemented chest special and various trap disarming methods.

May 25, 2012: Switched to using github.

Nov 24, 2010: Bt Builder 0.2.18 released. All bard songs are now implemented.

May 22, 2010: Bt Builder 0.2.17 released. Ogg vorbis support added for music. Santuary Score's combat functionality added. Bard songs can be used in combat but are not currently restricted to one singer.

Mar 16, 2010: Bt Builder 0.2.16 released. Added MNG for animations. Bard songs are partially implemented. They don't currently play sounds and cannot be used in combat. Only Santuary Score, Marcela's Melody, and Kiel's Overture have their noncombat effects implemented. Changing class is implemented.

Mar 10, 2010: Bt Builder 0.2.15 released. Added good image for module selection screen. Bug fix for status screen. Added a simple xml format for BTCS files.Buying spells implemented.

Feb 13, 2010: Bt Builder 0.2.14 released. Added a module selection screen. Created a compass spell. Added icons for light, detect destruction, and compass.

Jan 20, 2010: Bt Builder 0.2.13 released. Created an xml map format. The format is only a quick conversion of the binary format. The format will change in a later release. Party saving implemented. Fixed memory leaks. Added a wilderness map.

Oct 14, 2009: Bt Builder 0.2.12 released. Critical hits for hunters added. Added damage and damage per level spells. Added stoning spells and weapons. Fixed a bug in xml loading. Incorporated Madin Tolifen's wilderness images.

Sep 11, 2009: Bt Builder 0.2.11 released. Phase door and detect secret door spells implemented. Darkness special implemented. Support for multiple versions of walls/doors. That allows every x wall/door to be a slight variation so that the players can tell that he is moving. No graphics making use of that yet.

Aug 15, 2009: Bt Builder 0.2.10 released. Minor changes to get mingw32 to crosscompile.

Jun 9, 2009: Bt Builder 0.2.9 released. New graphics provided by Madin Tolifen. Even more graphics have yet to be incorporated.

Oct 13, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.8 released. More spell implementated and some bug fixes.

Sep 17, 2007: Added ads from google to help support the site.

Sep 5, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.7 released. Spell implementation started. Currently only heal, resurrect, and summons are available.

Aug 12, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.6 released. Partial combat implemented. Characters saving implemented. The format is not finalized and may break with later version.

Jul 28, 2007: Eliminated the use of the Identical Software Graphics Library in order to simplify building.

Apr 28, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.5 released. Revamped buildings so that they are defined in an xml file.

Mar 23, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.4 released. A lot of work on specials done. Character creation is available but not complete. Combat is not implemented yet.

Mar 6, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.3 released. Started putting together the game layout. Using SDL_ttf for drawing text.

Feb 1, 2007: Bt Builder 0.2.2 released. Made print output better match the Bard's Tale Construction Set output. Test wall and door graphics have been put together along with a test program.

Jan 1, 2007: Decided to learn more about subversion so Bt Builder now has a subversion repository for the code. It is not available online at the moment. RapidSVN provides a nice graphical interface.


Nov 23, 2000: Bt Builder 0.1 released. Open Game Source article began the development.

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