Open Alchemist

Alchemy Quest !


Original idea

Alchemy Quest started as a reimagining of Open Alchemist as an NES title by udevrandom on organized some people to update the game to support the NES graphics. A new two player mode was added.

Original developer

The original developer is not involved with this version. We greatly appreciate the work they did.


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Guillaume Delhumeau (Keph)


I'm a funny guy. Trully, I am.

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Antoine Morineau (guigoz)


guigoz is the man who always wants keph to make big changes in the source code to make his life easier, even if it's making the poor coder's one harder than hell. But he draws well, so he can work on the project!

Dennis Payne

Porting from ClanLib to SDL2 and Alchemy Quest interface

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