Name: Tri-Klops

Strength: 61
Agility: 51
Intelligence: 51
Life Force: 56
Magic: 24
Movement Points: 5
Skill Rating
Sword 6
Animals 2
Hand-to-Hand 3
Animal Riding 2
Magic Spells Rating
Special Abilities: Panoramic Vision: Tri-Klops can see in all directions.
Night Vision: Tri-Klops can see in the dark.
Gamma Vision: Tri-Klops can see around corners. He is not removed from the board at the end of a turn if a player is in an adjacent room.
Dista Vision: Allows Tri-Klops to see extremely far.
Blinding Flash: For 4 magic points, Tri-Klops can blind an opponent. The character suffers a -2 modifier to attack, defence, and magic rolls.

Posessions: Sword

  Tri-Klops Reaction Table
Tri-Klops will attack the closest player with his sword. After the first successful strike by the opposing player, he will attempt to blind them.