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Sometimes entertainment takes more than full-motion video and 3-D graphics. Sometimes keeping it simple is best.

Identical Software Presents:
Bt Builder

Although the Bard's Tale Construction Set never really inspired game designers, this open source implementation surpasses the original. It includes many features found in the Bard's Tale games but missing from the construction set. (Linux & Windows)


In the tiny digital world of electrons, the Viobyte virus collects data. It must evade the Generic Host Offensive Software Terminators (GHOST). (TinyScreen & Linux)


Mod for minetest to implement the javascript API for Scriptcraft. (Linux)

Ostrich Riders

Enemy knights are invading the kingdom. As one of the elite ostrich riders, it is your duty to defend the kingdom. With lance in hand you fly off. Remember to stay above your opponent least you fall to his lance. Collect the eggs least your opponent hatches stronger than before. Work togther with other knights. (Linux)

Open Game Source

Originally planned as a specialty magazine for hobbiest game developers, Open Game Source is a regular column devoted to open source game development.

Troll Bridge

Granak has conquered your homeland and enslaved your people. After escaping, your destiny has only just begun. (Linux & Dos)


Space is not always the nicest environment. Are your piloting skills good enough to escape the asteroid belt? (Net Yaroze)

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