Linux & Net Yaroze

The Net Yaroze is a hobbyist's development kit for the Sony Playstation. Although not officially supported Linux is perfectly suited to developing Net Yaroze program. This is a collection of useful program to aid in development.

For more information of the Net Yaroze try the following sites:


GCC, GDB, and binutils for the Net Yaroze
Unfortunately I no longer have sufficient space to make this available for download. Sony uses gcc and other GNU tools for DOS development. These tools can easily be compiled under Linux, FreeBSD, and other platforms. This includes gcc, gdb 4.16, binutils 2.8.1, and instructions on compiling.

Communication Software

With slight modification this program will work at 115200 baud under Linux. The necessary patch is already applied. Some lower speeds may work but 9600 didn't work for me. It resembles the DOS program that comes with the Net Yaroze but the function keys don't work the same.
No attempt has been made on my part to get hssutils working under Linux. I'm unsure of the copyright concerning this program so I cannot make link available at the current time.


TIM Plugin for GIMP
This plugin should allow loading and saving of TIM files under GIMP. (I haven't tried the plugin yet.)
PCX/TIM conversion utilities
These programs convert from PCX to TIM and back. Currently they only support 8-bpp PCX images and 8-bpp or 4-bpp TIM images. This requires the Identical Software's Graphics Library.
Identical Software's Graphics Library
Although originally intended to supply a platform independant 320 x 200 8-bpp mode, it includes routines for loading and saving of TIM and PCX files.
TIM to TGA conversion
This program converts 16-bpp TIM images to 24-bpp TGA. Although designed for DOS protected mode it works under linux.

Net Yaroze is licensed trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

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