What is Yaroid?

Yaroid is a Net Yaroze asteroid-like game. It is based after a simple asteroid game I created for the 286. Although it is currently playable, the game play needs to be tweaked because it is too easy and doesn't get harder over time. If you have any questions about Yaroid please email Dennis Payne (dulsi@identicalsoftware.com)


Because of license agreements for the Net Yaroze libraries, yaroid cannot be made available to non net yaroze members. Not that it would matter since you wouldn't be able to play it without a Net Yaroze.

Yaroid (0.2) Zip File


I do not currently have the ability to make screen shots if someone does send me some I'll put them up. Otherwise at some point I may dummy up some images to give a better idea of what it looks like.

How to play

Included is an auto file for loading the game. (See Sony documentation for loading programs into the Net Yaroze.) Once started you have three choices "Start Game", "Options", and "Exit Game". Use select to change the current choice and press start to activate the choice. Options toggles between the new graphics and the "classic" mode. Exit game simply exits the program. Start game allows you to play the game.

Once the game is started. The square button fires. Up activates thrust. Left and right spin the ship. Down activates hyperspace. Your score is shown at the top left. Remaining lives are displayed on the top right.

Source Code

As mentioned earlier Yaroid is ported from a DOS/Linux program. The port was done quickly and has left the code in a poor state. I'm not sure when I'll be able to clean up the source code so I'm releasing it as is. The supplied makefile is for my linux machine with the net yaroze cross-compiler and will require some modification. The source code is made available under the GNU GPL (see COPYING file for more info).

Yaroid (0.2) Source Code (tar & gzipped)

See development history for more info.

Things To Do

Net Yaroze is licensed trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.