What is xs-httpd?

Xs-httpd is a small, fast WWW server created by Sven Berkvens. The official web site for the program is http://www.stack.nl/~johans/xs-httpd/. I only recently discovered the new version so everything below is for really old versions.


Xs-httpd 2.3b (source tar & gzipped)


Identical Software has been using the server for years. Apache is far more featureful than we need and using an obscure web server prevents common exploits from affecting us. Recently it was noticed that some of the IIS viruses were sending requests that caused segmentation faults. Here a patch to fix all known segmentation faults.

Xs-httpd Segmention Fault patch

Since the web host for www.identicalsoftware.com uses apache, we needed to move the icons to xs-icons.

Xs-httpd Apache patch

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