[Fanwor: The Legend of Gemda]


The Story So Far ...

Once there was peace on the world Fanwor. Princess Gemda ruled wisely, she used the eight Gems of Power to protect the kingdom. But one day while Gemda was away on holiday, the monsters came and stole the Gems! Without these Gems anarchy broke out and the monsters ruled over the country. They hid the stones in eight different dungeons because they were unable to destroy the Gems.

Gemda now sent out the best heros of the world to get the stones back so that everybody can live in peace again. You are now one of these heros! Try your best to collect the stones and if you succeed, honor and wealth will be yours!


Fanwor is another project to create a Legend of Zelda style game. The creator, Thomas Huth, developed his own game engine for the project. Dennis Payne converted the program to use the Troll Bridge engine as an Open Game Source article. The conversion is currently incomplete.

To Do


WARNING: Fanwor only works with 0.5.2 or earlier versions of Troll Bridge.

Fanwor Conversion 0.9.1 (based on Fanwor 1.11)