Troll Bridge: Monsters

The following has various monster ideas without much organization.

[Scorpion Image] Large two-tailed scorpions live in the desert to the west. (For inspiration see Pepe, the Two-Tailed Scorpion.)

[Beholder Image] Beholder-like creature. (Possibly level boss.)

[Ghost Image] Originally a color-shifted troll possibly carrying chains. This image is no longer color shifted but with some modification to the color palette it could be.

Originally a mummy was planned for the level boss. Matt Sullivan named him Apalak Ramtusk I, the mighty ruler of the first great troll empire. He'll probably be able to throw his wrappings to stun the character and attack in hand-to-hand. Unfortunately no one was able to develop a good picture for a mummy. Although it probably wouldn't be used for the pyramid anymore a mummy is still desirable.

Fire Elemental
Another creature that no good image could be made.

Some sort of jumping creature was wanted for the mountain area. Currently a toad is used. Other possibilities were mountain goats or a goat-man. Still need a name for the creature.

A spider climbing down has been added but no four direction animation. As with the toad a name is needed.

[Partial Minotaur] [Ugly Minotaur] The first image is the beginings of a minotaur. The second completes the head but doesn't look good enough and no ideas for animation have occured.

[Turtle Shell] [Ugly Turtle] Here is the initial sketch of a turtle boss for the waterfall area.

Two-Headed Troll
[Two-Headed Troll] The two-headed trolls are used as guards by Granak. They aren't planned to be encountered but this image was done up one night and perhaps could be used for an intro or some thing.