Troll Bridge: Levels

Surface World

Eventually a rough sketch of the world so far will be placed here. If you look at the map in the game it should give you some idea. The light gray is the mountain range. To the left of the mountain range is the desert. The orange dot in the desert notes the location of the pyramid. The light green is the forest. Over to the far bottom left is a dark green square where the spider tree is planned. The light blue is a river. The river starts as a waterfall in the mountains. At the mouth of the river is a swamp denoted by the brown color. The dark blue is the sea. An island rests in the middle of the sea that will contain the labyrinth. The air palace is planned for the open area created by the split in the mountains. As for the rest undecided. Possible a ghost town.

People need to be stopped from the leaving the edge of the world. Either by setting the edges impassable or by making an infinite walk zone. If possible the world should be setup to make walking off the edge impossible through logical means but the desert doesn't have any logical barriers.


This is the first level and the only one with anything done. The level is a pyramid/triangle shape. In it the character finds the enchanted sword which allows the sword to fire a blast. Also found in the dungeon is the Ankh. The common enemies include the cimex and skeletal trolls. A giant cobra is used as the level boss. There is currently a room with a gray troll that is intended to give information about the next dungeon but he says nothing currently.


Possibly the second level. It is found at the bottom left of the mountain range. Fire elementals are logical monsters. It is intended to be the location of the phoenix egg.

Spider Tree
The spider tree is Matt Sullivan's idea. Since there was the idea of possibly getting some sort of web magic this seemed like a good idea. Basically this would be a huge tree covered in spider webs that the character would climb up. Cimex, spiders and weaver spiders would be found here. An enraged troll captive named Odis would be a mini-boss. The final boss being the Spider Queen, Widowmaker. Here are Matt's notes:

The Enraged captive will go into a berserk fury when you release him from the spider's web. Odis should attack by spinning around and swinging his sword. There should be a few weaver spiders in this room (they shoot stun webs). When you beat the Captive (Odis) he comes to his senses and tells about the Spider Queen (Called the Widowmaker by Trollfolk) and gives you a healing herb before running away. Incidentally, Odis' animation will have big red and white swirly, hypnotized eyes. (Heh heh heh...) This is not his last appearance.

Widowmaker consists of several graphical blocks with a moving head (sort of like the multi-headed dragon from Zelda). She'll shoot webs at you which stun and cause a little damage while spiders run around the room, bumping into you. The best tactic will be to kill all the spiders and then the queen. Maybe a few spiders could come out whenever you hit her.

The waterfall is home to the octoids. No ideas really exist beyond this. This could possibly be kept as a secret that isn't mentioned anywhere.

The labyrinth was suggested by James Taintor. It would be reached by using the phoenix egg in the nest to the south of the island where the labyrinth lies. The boss would obviously be the minotaur. After defeating him you would retrieve the axe.

Air Palace
Another area only reachable by the phoenix egg. Air elementals would inhabit this level. The beholders could possible make an appearance or be the boss of the level.

Ghost Town
Ghosts and perhaps other undead as opponents.