Keeper of Lost Treasures

Alignment: Neutral Good

Portfolio: Oceans, water, rivers, knowledge

Worshipers: Sailors, merfolk

Cleric Alignment: NG

Domains: Knowledge, Ocean, Protection, Water

Favored Weapon: Trident

Even the most ancient text contains references to Megaptalot alongside names lost to time. Megaptalot remains as the last divine power of a forgotten pantheon. His power once extended to all bodies of water. Time has forced Megaptalot to withdraw into the deeper depths.

Legends record that Megaptalot opposed the creation of the humanoid races. He felt they would disrupt the delicate balance of nature. The sprawling cities exemplify his fear. The stubborn resolve of the new species intrigued him. Despite their awkwardness in water they continued to venture forth. The natural weapons of the sea creatures dug into the weak flesh of the humanoids so they constructed ships and weapons. The earliest sea vessels were easily capsized but the crafts advanced quickly in design. Megaptalot permitted them to explore the seas in return for tribute and respecting the sea. The rise of pirates and sea warfare pleased the ancient deity as it aided in balancing the powers of the humanoids.

Sea faring wasn't the only knowledge humanoids were researching. Soon Megaptalot began to see their experiments in arcane arts. Unfortunately their wisdom did not match their inventiveness. Practitioners of the dark arts managed to enslave the island city of Razid. Their reckless use of arcane magic threaten to entice outsiders into the realm. Megaptalot sank the city with a powerful quake. The enslaved population transformed into merfolk, half-man half-fish. Since then Megaptalot and his followers have worked to keep dangerous knowledge and artifacts from the surface races.

Appearance: Earliest texts refer to him as a giant sea serpent or octopus. Currently he favors a massive sperm whale.

Relationships: Megaptalot rarely associates with other deities. Ragalak battles with him over control of the oceans. Some of Ragalak's worshipers even believe that Megaptalot is myth and that Ragalak continues to support the old god's followers for whatever reason.

Dogma: Protect the oceans and its inhabitants. Water sustains life. Guard dangerous knowledge until the surface dwellers are ready. Educate others not simply in knowledge but in wisdom to use the knowledge.

1 Megaptalot is a combination of French names for the Humpback Whale and Sperm Whale. Megaptere is the French name for the Humpback Whale. Cachalot is the French name for the Sperm Whale. The Russian name for the Sperm Whale is also similar with the name Kashalot. (Further information can be found on