Raccoon Totem Warrior

by Tom Lommel

The raccoon totem warrior skulks in the shadows, waiting and watching. He is an observer and scout, gathering information on people and events like tiny treasures to be saved for another day. As the raccoon totem warrior gains levels, he begins to look more raccoon-like. His hair grows thick and brown, his nimble fingers become long and delicate, and eventually dark, mask-like markings encircle his eyes.

Raccoon Totem Warriors make a great addition to an urban campaign. They are adept spies, information brokers, and thieves. Many raccoon totem warriors prefer an indirect approach to open action. They are often content to patiently sit and observe, sneaking in to scavenge when others have done the dirty work of opening a long-forgotten temple or other dangerous locale. They'd rather make a smaller amount of coin off secondhand spoils or the information they've gathered than risk greater reward through direct conflict.

If you want to find out who met the young magister down by the Drunken Gull late last night, or you need a sample from the mining operation under the Temple of the Jagged Fang, you hire a Raccoon Totem Warrior.

Hit Dice: d8
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The raccoon totem warrior is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, as well as agile exotic weapons, Medium and Light armors, and shields.
Additional Class Skills: Balance (Dex), Search (Int), and Sneak (Dex).
Special: All raccoon totem warriors gain a +1 inherent bonus to Reflex saving throws and a +1 dodge bonus to Armor Class.
Animal Companion: Raccoon (stats as per Dire Rat without Disease ability). At 4 HD, the raccoon becomes size Medium. At 8 HD, the raccoon becomes size Large.

Totem Powers: A raccoon totem warrior earns these powers as he gains levels:

1st Level-Nimbleness of the Raccoon (Ex): The raccoon totem warrior gains the Speed Burst feat for free.

4th Level-Shape of the Raccoon (Su): The raccoon totem warrior can take on the form and stats of a raccoon totem animal companion appropriate to his level: in other words, a raccoon's stats with +1 HD for every level he has above 3rd. He can take this form once per day, for up to 10 minutes per class level.

8th Level-Senses of the Raccoon (Ex): The raccoon totem warrior gains the Scent ability and a +4 competence bonus to Spot and Listen checks.

12th Level-Bandit's Perception (Ex): The raccoon totem warrior gains the Modify Combat Style feat for free.

16th Level-Eyes of the Night (Su): The raccoon totem warrior enjoys low-light vision and the ability to ask his totem spirit companion an additional yes or no question once each night.

20th Level-Embrace the Night (Su): Wisps of gloomy night envelope the raccoon totem warrior. All attacks against him suffer a 10% miss chance, and he gains a +3 circumstance bonus to Sneak checks that are opposed by Spot (but not by Listen).