Panther Totem Warrior

By Jamie Wolff

Panther Totem Warriors are night hunters.  They prefer to stalk their prey rather than initiate open combat, and keep to the shadows whenever possible.  They are natural scouts and spies, though by nature they tend to be loners.  They prefer to travel as lightly as possible, shunning most armor in favor of increased mobility.  As they progress, Panther Totem Warriors musculature becomes more compact, their noses flatten slightly, their pupils become slits and their eyes glow when light strikes them, making them a fearsome sight when only those eyes are visible by firelight.  Finally, from the beginning of their progression as a Totem Warrior, the character’s skin steadily darkens, till it becomes black as a moonless night.

Totem Animal Bond: Nocturnal Land Mammals

Hit Die: d10

Proficiencies: Light Armor, all Simple, Martial, and Exotic (Agile) Weapons.

Additional Class Skills: Intimidate (CHA) and Sneak (DEX)

Animal Companion: Panther. At 7 hit dice, the panther becomes Large size.
Special: Panther Totem Warriors receive Low-Light Vision

Totem Powers:

1st levelClaws of the Hunter: The Panther Totem Warrior gains the ability to grow claws as a free action.  The claws are capable of doing 1d6 damage, and the Warriors attacks are not considered unarmed for the purposes of provoking attacks of opportunity.  The damage is reduced to 1d4 if the Warrior is small, and increased to 1d8 if large or larger.  This ability does not confer any bonus or negate of the penalties for fighting with both claws (i.e. Two Weapon Fighting or Ambidexterity), though the claws are considered light weapons for these purposes.

4th levelStrike from Darkness: A Panther Totem Warrior who succeeds in a sneak check (DC20) is treated as if invisible in areas of deep darkness, granting them a 50% concealment bonus, and giving them the ability to catch an opponent flat-footed.  This ability is negated for any who engage the Totem Warrior in melee combat, though if the Totem Warrior attacks from range, or strikes and moves immediately (such as with spring attack), then she may make another sneak check with a cumulative –5 penalty to remain hidden. Torchlight or any equivalent source of light will dispel the invisibility, though natural sources, such as moonlight, will not.  The Totem Warrior may take 10 on this check, but not 20.

8th level - Shape of the Panther: The Panther Totem Warrior may assume the shape of an Panther appropriate to his level.

12th levelThe Sudden Kill: At 12th level a Panther Totem Warrior receives the First Strike feat for free.  If the Totem Warrior already has the feat, then this counts as another selection of that feat.

16th levelQuiet Death: The Panther Totem Warrior gains the ability to create an aura of silence with a 15’ radius centered on herself.  She can maintain this ability for one minute per class level per day, with a minimum activation of one minute at a time.  Many a prideful mage has been put to a quick death for underestimating a Warrior’s ability, and many a vigilant sentry has attempted a call for help, only to spend their last moments in confusion as they look into yellow eyes and a black blur before them.

20th levelReflexes of the Panther: The Panther Totem Warrior receives a +2 competence bonus to her armor class, as well as a +2 bonus to reflex savings throws.  Furthermore, she never loses her dexterity bonus to AC when caught flat-footed.