Moth Totem Warrior

by Andrew Tomy

The moth totem is a master of subterfuge and stealth, functioning better as a scout or skirmisher than a party's front line fighter. Working in tandem with their animal companion, the moth totem uses its powers to misdirect and confuse its enemies. As they gain levels, the totem warrior grows downy fur on their body patterned like leaves or tree bark, with small bushy antenna on their foreheads. Other more flamboyant warriors sometimes grow fur with swirling patterns in blues, greens, or reds, like majestic saturnids, lunarids, or morphos, complete with long feathery antennae.

HD: d8

Weapons and Armor: Simple and Martial Weapons, Exotic Ranged, Light Armor and Shields.

Additional Class Skills: Bluff (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Sneak (Dex), Use Rope (Dex)

Special: While in darkness, the moth totem enjoys a +2 dodge bonus to AC. In conditions brighter than dawn or dusk though, the moth totem is disoriented and suffers a -1 to their AC.

Animal Companion: At 3rd level, the moth totem acquires as a companion a cloud of regionally appropriate moths, which hibernate within the character's robe or cape during the day. This animal companion uses the same statistics as a locust swarm.

Totem Powers:

1st - Saturnid's Camouflage (su): The moth totem receives a +3 bonus to its Sneak checks.

4th - Shape of the Moth (su): The moth totem warrior can take the form of a moth. The warrior's size becomes tiny, flight speed is 80ft (poor), adds the scent ability, and gains a +12 chamoflage bonus to Sneak skill checks. The totem warrior possesses no natural attacks while in moth form. The totem warrior can take this shape 1/day for 10 minutes per level.

8th - Blazing Cecropia Eye (su): Once per day, the moth totem can summon ghostly wings emblazoned with huge burning eyes or eerie death's head patterns. This ability panics the warrior's foes and functions identically to a Gaze of Terror spell.  Save DC 10+ 1/2 TW levels + Wisdom Bonus.

12th - Morpho's Flight (su): Once per day, as a standard action, the moth totem summons large moth wings that last for 10 minutes per level. These wings allow the warrior to fly at twice their normal movement rate with average maneuverability.

16th - Cloud of Moths Form (su):
Once per day the moth totem can transform into a roiling humanoid cloud of moths. The totem gains immunity to critical hits and mind effecting powers. Their indefinite form grants them 50% concealment and they can fly at their normal movement rate. This ability lasts for 10 minutes per level.

20th - Lunarid's Healing (su): At night the moth totem gains fast healing 2. Under the light of the full moon, their fast healing increases to fast healing 5.

24th - Wing Pollen of Disorienting Madness (su): Once per day, the moth totem can unleash a 150 foot cone of dust upon its enemies. This dust causes confusion to anyone failing a Will Save DC 10 + the totem's level + the totem's Wis bonus. Confusion lasts for one minute per level of the totem. The moth totem can also elect to use this power discreetly, showing no outward manifestation of its use unless foes succeed at a Spot check versus totem warrior's Bluff.