Hummingbird Totem Warrior

By Benoist Poiré.

Hummingbird totem warriors are mostly prominent in primitive tribes of the Diamond Throne. Relatives of hawk totem warriors, they are quick and agile, sometimes elite defenders and hunters of their communities, but they are always wanderers at heart. They like to move from place to place and see the world by themselves. This doesn’t mean they have to be loners, even though this is often the case. They can join any types of adventuring parties. Like their hawk counterparts, they eventually gain the ability to fly. As they increase in level, they look more like hummingbirds – their skin becomes tan-grey, their eyes grow smaller and rounder, their noses thinner and pointier.

Hit Die: d8.
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The hummingbird totem warrior is proficient with all simple and martial weapons, and Light armors.
Additional Class Skills: Balance (Dex) and Tumble (Dex).
Special: All hummingbird totem warriors gain a +1 dodge bonus to armor class. Their highest Save bonus becomes Reflex instead of Fortitude.
Animal Companion: A 1HD hummingbird (Use a 1HD Hawk with STR1, DEX 20, Improved Initiative and Zoom (see below). At 6, 10 and 14 HD the hummingbird gains an additional +1 dodge bonus to AC. At 12 HD it becomes size Small.
Zoom (Ex): When flying, a hummingbird can move 100 feet in any direction, provoking attacks of opportunity if she changes direction while in an enemy's threat range. She has a +2 dodge bonus against any attacks of opportunity she incurs while zooming.

Totem Powers: The hummingbird Totem Warrior earns these powers as he gains levels:
1st Level - Swiftness of the Hummingbird (Ex): The hummingbird totem warrior gains the Speed Burst feat for free.
4th Level - Shape of the Hummingbird (Su): The hummingbird totem warrior can take on the form and stats of a hummingbird totem warrior companion appropriate to her level: in other words, the special 1HD hawk described above with +1 HD for every level she has above 3rd. She can take this form once per day, for up to 10 minutes per class level.
8th Level - Senses of the Hummingbird (Ex): The hummingbird totem warrior gains a +2 competence bonus to Search and Spot and the Scent feat for free.
12th Level - Flight of the Hummingbird (Su): Once per day, as a standard action, the hummingbird totem warrior grows wings that last for 10 minutes per class level. These wings allow her to fly at her normal speed with good maneuverability.
16th Level – Maneuverability of the Hummingbird (Su): When flying, the hummingbird totem warrior can use the Zoom (Ex) special ability (see above).
20th Level – Looping dodge (Ex): The hummingbird totem warrior gains a +4 dodge bonus to AC (this does not stack with her original dodge bonus at first level) and Reflex Save.
24th Level - Grace of the Hummingbird (Ex): The hummingbird totem warrior gains a permanent, inherent +4 bonus to her Dexterity. Further, her wings (as described under the 12th level hummingbird totem power, flight of the hummingbird) become a permanent, natural part of her at all times.

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