Deinonychus Totem Warrior

by Steven "Quillion" Russell

The deinonychus totem warrior moves with swiftness guided by a vicious cunning that has created a deep seated respect and caution amongst all who know her. She is at home patiently awaiting her prey, so that she may spring upon them, chasing them to their deaths. As she progresses in levels, she begins to look more and more deinonychus-like--her skin becomes scaly and her hair becomes like feathers, she begins to lose any disregard for social taboos and considers violence the first solution to a problem. Yet she retains a surprising loyalty to those she considers members of her “pack.” Humans join this class often due to their fascination with all dinosaurs. Some Dracha consider this growing closer to the ancestral spirit of the dragons.
Hit Dice: d8
Weapon and Armor Proficiency: The deinonychus totem warrior is proficient with all simple, martial and gains a single exotic (slashing or piercing) weapon. She is also proficient with all Light armor.
Special: All deinonychus totem warriors have a +2 inherit bonus to Jump, Listen, Sneak, Spot, and Survival checks.
Animal Companion: dinosaur, deinonychus (or megaraptor). At 8 HD the deinonychus becomes size Large. At 17 HD, the deinonychus becomes size Huge. The type of creature that the deinonychus totem warrior gains empathy with is "All dinosaurs".

Totem Powers: A deinonychus totem warrior earns these powers as she gains levels:

1st Level--Terrible Claw (Ex): Any slashing or piercing weapon wielded by a deinonychus totem warrior has it’s damage deals an additional +1 point of damage, this damage increases by +1 for every 4 class levels the deinonychus totem warrior possesses. Only two weapons gain this benefit in a single round.

4th Level--Legs of the runner (Ex): The deinonychus totem warrior gains a +5 feet of movement which increases by +5 feet every three class levels thereafter (maximum 60ft). Her legs grow longer, and her feet grow wider adding 6“ to the character normal height (does not increase size category)

8th Level--Shape of the Deinonychus (Su): The deinonychus totem warrior can take on the form and stats of a deinonychus totem animal companion appropriate to her level: in other words, at 8 HD she can become a medium deinonychus or a large mega raptor, at 17 HD she can become a huge megaraptor. She can take this form once per day, for up to 10 minutes per class level.

12th Level--Amongst the Tall Grass (Sp):1/day the deinonychus totem warrior gains the benefits of a heightened invisibility caster level equal to her class level.

16th Level--Cunning Spirit(Su): The deinonychus totem warrior gains a insight bonus equal to her class level vs. all mind-affecting spells and effects. Upon a successful save she suffers no partial or secondary effects. Though with a successful opposed bluff check (vs. sense motive) with the same insight bonus the deinonychus can mimic the effects of the spell and make anyone who fails the check believe she has been affected.

20th Level--Bushwhacker (Ex): 1/day if you strike a creature that is both completely unaware of you and flat-footed (not just denied dex modifier) that creature must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + damage dealt) or die. Creature immune to critical hits are immune to this ability

24th level --Talons of the Grave (Sp): 1/ day attacks affected by your terrible claw ability gain all the benefits of a heightened guided strike (still only affects your next attack) and a heightened vorpal claw (it also affects piercing weapons). Caster level equal to her caster level.